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Masego, Devin Morrison - Yamz

Updated: Jan 6

The music video tells a story surrounding different characters trying to get the "YAMZ". "YAMZ" in the story was a synonym for sex, love and jewelry. In an interview with Billboard, Masego explained his vision for his hit single.,

I gotta credit that to me being a Gemini. Whatever you would think the video would be like after hearing this 1980s/’90s vibe, I just did not want to do that. So I was like ‘First step: don’t do exactly what this song sounds like and wants to be visually,’ and also at the time, I just got this grill and I really wanted to wear it in the video, where it made sense.

Mesego's musical creative collection got over 2 billion global streams till date. Determined to succeed, he started touring Europe and UK in February, with plans to end his tour in London's O2 Brixton, MArch 13. Following this hit is another hot single 'Garden Party' ft big Boi and JID. NPR's Soul Bounce said “a lush neo-soul single that unveils wonderland. it is a perfect track to close out of the heat of summer and take us into the subdued feel of fall.”

Two music icons, Devin Morrison, and Masego performing "Yamz". Produced under Capitol Records; UMG Recordings, Inc. and EQT Recordings, LLC.

'Yamz' Lyrics From Youtube Channel

[Chorus: Masego & Devin Morrison]


Can I get to the yams?

Sweet yams

Show me the way

'Cause I got bills to pay

Can I get to the yams?

Sweet yams

Show me the way

’Cause I got bills to pay

[Verse 1: Devin Morrison]

I ain't tryna be broke for the rest of my life (Broke for the rest of my life)

Tryna get my bankroll swole no matter the price

So I gotta shoot shots, gotta make my layups

Gotta get my pay stubs up, you better pay up

'Cause I moved to L.A. to get away from Uncle Sam

[Chorus: Masego & Devin Morrison]

So tell me how can I get to the yams? (Yams)

Sweet yams (Sweet yams)

Show me the way (Show me the way)

’Cause I got bills to pay ('Cause I got bills to pay)

Can I get to the yams? (Hey)

Sweet yams (Now won't show me what's real, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Show me the way (Oh, oh)

'Cause I got bills to pay

[Verse 2: Masego]


I ain't tryna be stuck in a loop for life (Nah, all my life)

Told myself I wouldn't start my day online (Talk about it)

Don't wanna do, from that shape and how they move (She got them yams)

But is it just a distraction?

Oh, it drives my soul divine (Them yams got soul)


Ain’t built for the player life

Can’t give an amazing night

To a lady on the side, want a baby and a tribe