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Capella Grey - Talk Nice

Capella Grey, 26 yr. old artist and proud Bronx NY native, released his newest hit 'Talk Nice'.

Raised in church, he grew to love music, playing bass, piano and other musical instruments, fine tuning and creating his own sound. After high school, Grey began writing songs and working with renowned artists to create music, until the year 2020. He then released two songs 'Yea Nah I'm Out' and 'The Quaran Tape Vibe 1'., both a finesse of hip-hop and dancehall.

Sometime in the summer of 2020, during quarentine, his single 'Gyalis', a smashing sensation, got him a record deal with Capital Records. The track alone got him over 10 million Spotify streams and No. 71 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. In an interview with Hot New Hip Hop, Grey said, " I dropped 'Gyalis' on January 4th or something like that, so it's been a whole year. At the beginning of the joint, it was more like a proving thing. I was proving that we could get on the radio without a budget. I was proving that we could do certain things without certain things. I was trying to make sure I didn’t do no scandals and no weird shit. I'd make sure everything was copacetic, and that we could get on just being ourselves. The first half of the year, I was in that mode where we could prove that we can do this for real. Second half is when we started wylin’, as you can see." He went further to say he was inspired by the 1998 Juvenile's hit "Back That Azz Up".

Popular musicians like Kranium, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Chris Brown and Popcaan and others each combined forces with Grey to create remix singles on his hit song - Gyalis. The Bronx native, Capella Grey, followed up with his newest hit 'Talk Nice', released December 17, 2021. Written by Skrrt, Grey himself, Flor Morales Ramos, Sean Gary and Shajuan Andrews.

Directed by Oliver Shore, Grey's intention for this single was to produce a new sound, inviting his listeners to recognize his talent and art.

Talk Nice Lyrics by


Don't waste my time today, uh

City gon' move, yeah, we outside today, uh

I pulled up with the gang, a bunch of young fly niggas

They know when we slide, we bring the vibe with us, oh

Don't even gotta say when I'm in town, she know

Don't know her sign but she wanna fuck with a Leo

We got it litty, y'all got nothin', no

When from overlooked to overbooked


Now they gotta talk nice, yikes, that's tough

Now they wanna switch and readjust, oh

They was tryna act like they didn't know, us, ooh, woah

Now that price goin' up, they can stay there


She say she from the Ville, borderline boogie down

She got a man but she call me when she want rounds and rounds and rounds

I told her, "Don't think about it"

But she gon' do what she gon' do and I ain't mad at her

She look at me like she just wanna

Climb up on me, get nasty in the foreign

Lately, niggas been on they P's and Q's

'Cause they know what the fuck goin' on