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Amelia Moore - Sweet & Sour

Amelia Moore, nicknamed "icryatwork," a song writer and singer, lately gained fame by teasing fans on Tiktok with songs like "Sweet and Sour", "Vinegar", " Ginger", "Not really musketeers" and others. Moore, who's from Lawrenceville, Georgia, was raised in a devout Christian home and discovered her love for music by singing in the choir and playing the violin at the age of five. Despite her exceptional violin chops, she felt driven to broaden her scope. She said "From a really young age I felt creatively trapped and knew I wanted to write my own music, so I quit violin and taught myself piano on a cheap little Casio keyboard."

Moore continued to write songs after graduating from college at the age of 16, and began producing songs for other vocalists before attending Belmont University in Nashville. "It was the craziest culture shock I’ve ever experienced in my life, "she said. "I went from being so sheltered to being surrounded by kids who are all drinking, partying, hooking up, and pretty quickly I started questioning everything I was raised to believe.

Determined to succeed, Moore immersed herself in writing, collaborating, creating and posting new songs to Social Media. She ’d massed over 100,000 followers in TicTok drawn to her exciting personality and raw talent — she signed a contract with Capitol Records in the fall 2021.

Released 29th October 2021, Moore's hit single 'Sweet And Sour', produced by Pink Slip​, inverness, 18YOMAN , showcases a thrilling glance into Moore's raw talent and vision as an artist. Other credits go to: background vocalist - Miles Sanders, master engineer-

Dale Becker and mix by Jon Castelli.

“One of my main goals is to elevate what we expect from pop artists, and usher in a wave of weirder, edgier, more left-of-center music with production that’s really crazy but also refined,” she says.

A combination of intrinsic beats, spiked guitar sounds and frenzied outro. Meanwhile, The lyrics expresses to the importance accepting our complicated selves.

“This song is a perfect statement of who I am as a person,” says Moore. “For the most part I’m a total angel and super-sweet, but the second you mess with me or any of my friends, that’s all over. It’s kind of a warning to everyone, telling them to be careful and tread lightly, or else they’ll get the sour.”

Sweet & Sour Lyrics from

[Verse 1]

Best friend or my enemy

There’s never room for in between

First glance I’m a tangerine

Just wait and see what’s underneath

[Pre Chorus]

I’m an angel 'till you cross the line

Good girl but I’m doing time

One wink can make you sink inside

And turn your water into wine


I can be sweet or sour

Just be careful what you ask for

I can be sweet or sour

I was doing fine without ya

[Verse 2]

Yeah I’m cute on the internet

Don’t be fooled by the silhouette

Soft stepping but a step ahead