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Unique, Exciting Gifts For him

Updated: May 15

It’s that time of the year we celebrate Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. Originally, a Christian feast to honor early Christian martyrs, centuries ago. Today, February 14th is a special day citizens all over the world spread love to all friends and family.

Gift-giving can be your love language, especially to prove to your male partner/friend/relative you care. His love language may not be gift giving, however, the thought counts.

To help you find the right gift, our editors put together a list of gift ideas; from travel destinations, fun games, personalized gifts to at home chef tools. Sourcing "man things" has been exhilarating. So, we promise, no cheesy gifts. only thoughtful and unique gift ideas.

Versa 2 Black Elastomer Strap Touchscreen Smart Watch 39mm

Fitbit designed this ultralight carbon-gray and black New Versa 2 smart watch with Amazon Alexa Built-in as the ultimate wearable for enhanced body awareness and unobtrusive connectivity. It features:

Touchscreen display, Smart watch movement, Square carbon-gray case; 39mm, Black elastomer strap, Buckle closure and Water resistant to 50 meters. Tech features; Tracks heart rate, activity and sleep patterns, Get notifications for calls, texts, calendar events and apps like Gmail and Facebook— plus send quick replies & voice answers. Where to find this gift.

Vampire Bite Ring

A stunning ring in sterling silver or gold featuring sharp fangs locked around intricately cut synthetic onyx. This piece by Kasun is dramatic, dark yet still beautiful. Kasun believe that jewelry should not just be admired, but also cherished. They create inspired collections that are beautifully designed and expertly crafted, jewelry that takes inspiration from the lives of the people we know and the philosophies in life we live by. Kasun collections are often playful, sometimes quirky, and always beautiful. Where to get this gift.

Ninja Foodi Smart Xl 6-in-1 Indoor Grill with 4-Quart Air Fryer, Roast, Bake, Dehydrate, Broil, and Smart Cook System, FG551

This grill & griddle that sears, sizzles, and crisps. An indoor grill, griddle, and air fryer. Powerful grill up to 500F independently powered..

It has a 12" flat top BBQ griddle. Precise temperature controls allow for fast, even cooking without hot or cold spots.

Hood up or hood down cooking—Keep the hood down to add cyclonic air for fast, even, high-heat cooking, surround searing, crisping, and melting. He shouldn't forget to keep the hood up for intense high-heat searing and flavors with direct bottom heat only. Where to get this gift.

Orikomi Table Lamp Polar White With Alpine Grey Stripe

Table Lamp Plain color origami lamp handmade with high quality paper. It is an eco-friendly option due to the fact that it is handmade, have low energy consumption and at the end of its life cycle is completely recyclable. Orikomi is shipped mounted in a cardboard box. Product comes with Instructions and with an Ethical Statement. Should ONLY be used with LED or energy saving light bulb. Remember this is also an eco-friendly choice with the advantage of reducing your energy bill. Where to get this item.


Is he into puzzles? For ages twelve and over, with up to 500 pieces of compelling art only sold by The Met, he should enjoy the challenge. Pick any of the puzzles below.

Paco Rabanne Men's 2-Pc. Phantom Eau de Toilette Gift Set

Phantom, the new fragrance by Paco Rabanne. The essence of self-confidence, fueled by feel-good energies. A futuristic aromatic fragrance born from the clash between luxury craftsmanship and new-tech, in a robot-shaped bottle. A bold scent with notes of addictive creamy lavender, energizing fusing lemon and sexy woody vanilla. Phantom is a fragrance for today, created for tomorrow. Radically different, totally disruptive. Discover Paco Rabanne's first connected bottle ever. Where to get this item.

Solo Stove Yukon + Stand in Silver

The Solo Stove Yukon is our extra-large size bringing the biggest and most impressive fire to your backyard. The Yukon allows you to start a fire quickly while the double wall design creates a burst of hot air over the fire reducing the smoke without the use of batteries and fans. By design, Yukon burns wood so efficiently you’ll only be left with ultra-fine ash. The Yukon is powered by logs and offers all the benefits of a wood-burning fire without the smoke or the campfire smell sticking to your clothes. The Yukon Stand is included. The Yukon is 27” in diameter and 16” tall weighing 38 lbs. It’s made out 30 Stainless Steel. Where to get this gift.

Precious Amulet/Pendant

Get him an amulet or a pendant to signify your true love. Below, our editors put together different types you may consider, all crafted by the best designers in the industry. Sold by Saks and Fifth, all you need to do is to click the image that interests you and you will be redirected to their respective product page. Browse & Shop.

Items below are

Cozzia Brookstone Mach IX in Blue/black

The Brookstone Mach IX is a smart 4D L-Track massage chair, controlled by a Touch Screen Display with 18 Auto Programs that include Full Body, Partial Body, Stretch and Global Massage Techniques. With an Ultra Quite 4D L Track Microchipped VarioMotion Robotic mechanism, the Mach IX can massage the entire length of your back, from your neck to your glutes. In addition to sole rollers, foot & calf compression, the Mach IX has heated knee compression massage that is adjustable to massage the upper calf. The Mach IX is equipped technology such as Bluetooth speakers with multi color chromo therapy lighting, Alexa home voice control compatibility, wireless charging for mobile phones & a USB port. Features: -Bluetooth speakers with multi-color chromo therapy lighting -Alexa home voice control compatibility -Wireless charging for mobile phones -USB Port -2 Zero gravity positions -Wall saver design needing only 5 inches away from wall -Metallic coating on housing for superior look and finish -Electroplated Trims for Gunmetal look -5 custom. Where to get this gift.

James Bond Bingo

A little under $35. If he's always up for debating the merits of Sean Connery versus Roger Moore, then this shaken-not-stirred game is for him. Chronicle Books' James Bond Bingo includes icons representing the most famous characters and gadgets in the 007 series, along with a booklet explaining each. Where to get this gift.

The Diy Guys

Sometimes, a guys greatest gift is a sense of accomplishment probably from a completed project. We browsed through "Man Crates Makers Projects" and found a few gift ideas we love to share. Take a look at the list we gathered below, click images to be redirected to product pages.

Items below, left to right:

Pacific Solution Musha 41" Hand Forged Samurai Sword Kotodu Series in Black/Silver/Gold

41" Hand Forged Samurai Sword Kotodu series Orchid, muku-gitae, black scabbard 1045 Carbon stainless steel blade, razor sharp | Pacific Solution Musha 41" Hand Forged Samurai Sword Kotodu Series in Black/Silver/Gold. Where to get this gift.

ReAthlete Deep4S Massage Gun

ReAthlete Massage Therapy – Pull Out the Big Guns The ReAthlete Massage gun offers an intense percussive beat that ripples even the most ripped triceps and chiseled pecs. As the foam mallet smacks down on your sore muscles, he’ll actually feel dramatic relief. Even Professional athletes have been spotted using percussive massage-therapy devices. Get him the relief he needs from sore muscles, chronic tightness in your hamstrings, compression damage, tendon strains, and inflammation can make life uncomfortable. Where to get this gift.

Gift Baskets By Gift Tree

Get him a gift basket from Gift tree. From savory cured meats and artisan cheeses to delightful chocolate-covered medallion biscuits from Godiva, Gift Tree created a complete party in a box! Plus, theses gift box includes a stately wood and marble snack board (with free personalization!) and bamboo-handle cheese blade .Our editors preselected five gift baskets your friend/brother/father/son/lover would enjoy below. Click images to be redirected to their respective product pages. From left to right:

MTR Designs SPIKE Ferrofluid Display Blue

The SPIKE Ferrofluid Display is a mesmerizing interactive kinetic sculpture containing 7ml of ferrofluid. It is a black magnetic liquid originally created by NASA as a prototype rocket fuel! It was unique that it could be pulled into the rocket engines in zero gravity by using magnets. The SPIKE is generated with the largest possible spikes by utilizing 3 neodymium rare earth magnets in combination. There are 2 positioned in the base, and when you place the handheld magnet on top of the display it combines to create a large magnetic field (which the ferrofluid follows) to create beautiful giant spikes and organic shapes. This SPIKE containes BLUE colored ferrofluid! Contains the highest quality ferrofluid synthesized by Ferrotec Create amazing shapes and giant spikes using the included magnet Dimensions: 2.5” x 4” tall. No assembly required. Where to get this gift.

JoyJolt Hammer Whiskey Decanter Set

The hammerhead is colored glass and will not discolor your golden nectar. Want it, but don't like whiskey? Yes, it is a whiskey set, but don't let that stop you if you want to use it as a bourbon decanter, vodka decanter or rum decanter. Product weight - 3.5 lbs

Set includes - hammer decanter, two whiskey glasses, wood holder. Decanter capacity - 48 oz. Glass capacity - 9 oz. Comes ready in a beautiful gift box. The replica hammer sits on the inside while whiskey swirls around it. Where to get this gift.

Unique Gifts For Geeks

Whether you’re looking to gift a Star Trek starship, the latest Marvel figurine or a Harry Potter Knitting Kit, Eaglemoss is the place to be. Below is our editors selection, we hope it will help you find the perfect gift any collector would love to have. Click images to be redirected to their respective product pages. From left to right:

PJ80 Home Theater 4K Projector

Get him an iDeaPLAY Full HD Projector Native 1080P Movie Projector with 200" Display, 6000 Lux LED Home Projector with Keystone Correction Support 4K. This Home Theater Projector is Compatible with Phone PC TV Stick PS4 . iDea Electronics PJ 80 Projector in Black. Where to find this gift.

Rydebot Cavallo Smart Ride-On Luggage in Black

Tired of towing around that heavy luggage? Let your luggage carry you instead. The Rydebot Cavallo Smart Ride-On Luggage is your solution! With just the touch of a button, you can convert this luggage into a smart rideable "scooter" suitcase powered by an easy to remove lithium-ion battery. Just flip the switch to extend the front wheel, extend the handlebar and hop on. Just sit, rev the throttle and you're ready to Ryde! Made from a double-widened aviation-grade aluminum frame that reinforced the suitcase from all sides, providing enough strength to hold an external weight of up to 220lbs, this case is one strong Ryde. Where to get this gift.


An adrenaline junkie, give your love interest a gift that will make him go WooHoo! Adrenaline offers the most exciting, unique and memorable gifts available. Below is our editors selection, we hope it will help you find the perfect gift any collector would love to have. Click images to be redirected to their respective product pages. From left to right:

6 Bottle Liquor Dispenser

Beautifully crafted 6 bottle liquor dispenser great for all events and occasions. This piece is a perfect yet practical addition to all décor styles and adds an elegant flare to a classic piece. Size dimensions - 9.65L X 9.65W X 20.28H. Quick and easy clean. Fun flare on a classic piece. Made of durable materials. Where to get this gift.

Cowboy Boot Pitcher

Formal to casual, stylish to rustic, each piece we craft is designed to capture the spirit of your life. Able to withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees F, Wilton Armetale Serveware is ideal for your cooking needs. Food stays hot longer and perfect for oven, stove or grill. Designed and crafted by hand, these beautiful products were made to last a lifetime. Hand wash. Cowboy boot pitcher measures 10-3/4 inch high and holds 2 quarts. Where to get this gift. .

Decanter Novelty Whisky Decanter Set in Glass

Looking for that Perfect Gift for that Special Someone. This is it! Give them any of the gifts below and show them your personal love. NOVELTY DESIGN: This limited edition design is perfect for any bar or desk. Especially for those who have a proclivity to use their decanter often. PERSONALIZED TOUCH: Pour gently and sipping your flipped off whiskey, scotch, vodka or spirits. HILARIOUS GIFT: Perfect for holiday season, birthdays or just because. Where to get this gift.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Steve Wick's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article

To shop, select links and images, you will be redirected to product pages. Feel free to share and leave a comment, we would love to hear from you.

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