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Gift Ideas For Her From Birth Celebrations, Christmas, Anniversaries, Or Just Because

Updated: May 15

Looking out for the right gift for your wife/mother/friend can be a hair razing affair. You may be out of ideas, possibly stumped on what to get to surprise her for whatever reason at stake. If you are unsure on what to get, don't panic.

Below, our editors put together a list of 18 gift suggestions. Our selections include gift baskets, designer bag, travel destinations, beautiful flowers and others. Several items listed below are available on respective websites. Scroll through and enjoy.

Hale Groves Gift Baskets

Get her a gift basket from Hale Grove. Hale Grove gift boxes are a snack lover’s dream, with sweet and savory treats sure to please anyone for any occasion. She’ll enjoy sweets including Chocolate Chip Cookies, Spring Jelly Beans and Tropical Taffy. These are combined with savory favorites including Fruit & Nut Snack and Cheese Straws, a traditional Southern indulgence. This gift basket is topped off with our signature Orange Marmalade made with our oranges straight from the grove. It’s all packed in a pretty box and tied with a raffia bow, ready to send for birthdays, Easter, Mother’s Day or just because. Find out more or click any of the images below.

Desire Rio de Janeiro Cruise 2022

Imagine you and your partner on the seductive, sun-drenched beaches of Rio, with a caipirinha in hand and ready to kick off a stimulating adventure you will remember forever. Get ready to pop a cork with us and welcome 2023 on board the Desi re Rio de Janeiro New Year’s Eve Cruise!

For a full 8 nights and 9 days you and your partner will explore exotic shores, catch a glimpse of local celebrations, overindulge in holiday meals, all while witnessing the sights, sounds, and traditions of your surroundings. Find out more!

Flowers From Flowerbx

These are eye-catching flowers delightful during their prime, leaving you wanting more. Full of body and rich color, just like that of a fine Cabernet wine, these exotic choices are spectacular for your living or office space, boasting tall stems and clusters of flower heads for beautiful impact. As for the Blue delphinium, they are the most well-known, but they are also available in white, pink and lilac, and the florets appear on spikes from up to 1m tall. Get this gift item.

Oily Skin Essentials From Temple Spa US

Does she suffer from oily skin, blemishes and breakouts. Get her this trio, they will leave her skin feeling clean, clear and shine-free. The combo features purifying cleansing wash, toning essence - essential mist tonic without the alcohol, moisture matte - mattifying moisturizer. Find out more!

Glass Ornament Set

Is she into ornaments? Get her these sets of hand-painted glass ornament set showcases various time periods. The Met collection offers the following Japanese Netsuke Glass Ornament Set, Blue-and-White Florals Ornament Set, 2021 Angel Tree Mini Ornament Trio and Winter Scenes Glass Disc Ornament Set. The Japanese Netsuke Glass Ornament Set are made for daily wear, netsuke were typically carved out of sturdy materials like ivory or wood, and often depicted scenes from nature. Blue-and-White Florals Ornament Set Painting cobalt blue on a white porcelain base, a practice that flowered in China in the 14th century, is arguably the most impactful development in the global history of ceramics. Find out more.

Winter Scenes Glass Disc Ornament Set are depictions of Central Park, Winter – The Skating Pond and A Ride to School, two 19th-century lithographs published by Currier & Ives (American, active New York, 1857–1907), along with Children Playing in the Snow under Plum Trees in Bloom, an 1887 woodblock print by YōshÅ« (Hashimoto) Chikanobu (Japanese, 1838–1912). FIND OUT MORE!.

Midnight Garden Fruit and Flowers Salad Plate Set

Our salad plates feature details from Fruit and Flowers (ca. 1639) by Orsola Maddalena Caccia (Italian, 1596–1676), an important artist whose successful studio supported an Ursuline convent in Italy's Piedmont region. The still life attracted a number of extraordinary women painters who were, at the time, not allowed to study nude models. Our collection celebrates these accomplished art historical figures. Get this Now.

Egyptian Gazelle Collection

The golden gazelle featured on this porcelain bowl, plate and napkins, references an ancient Egyptian head ornament (ca. 1479–1425 B.C.) in The Met collection. With Near Eastern influences, this gold diadem is embellished with colorful carnelian, opaque turquoise glass, and decayed crizzled glass, as well as two delicate gazelle heads, fashioned with exquisite naturalism. Get this gift set.

Large Duxbury Embossed Leather Satchel

The Large Duxbury Satchel is a great everyday bag with convertible shoulder strap and plenty of interior space. carry your ipad along with your favorite essentials. It features zipper closure, back slide in pocket along with zip pocket, two organizer pockets, key clip and penloops. Get this gift item.

Artichoke Dinner Set

Get her this elegant dinner set of artichoke interpret a sumptuous swath of late 15th-century Venetian velvet. Such magnificent textiles were coveted luxuries during the Renaissance, and artichokes were wildly popular decorative motifs. They radiate across the length of ruby red velvet in The Met collection, exemplary of the Venetian fabrics that caught discerning Renaissance eyes throughout Europe and in Turkey. Get this gift item.

Noise Isolating Wireless Headphones

Get her a Noise Isolating Wireless Headphone. Noise Isolating Wireless Headphones with HD sound quality and advanced noise isolation technology. Adjustable gel-filled ear pads for maximum comfort. Headphones fold for compact travel. Bluetooth Version 5. Get this gift item.

Tufenkian Sample Smp 8' x 10' Area Rug

Get her a classic Tufenkian design woven in wool, using our Esfahan weave. The Tufenkian designs eastern inspired design combines heathered nuances with bold pattern. A stylish rug that sets a tone, but plays well with the furniture. Macy's currently has over 100 Tufenkian designed rugs available online and in stores. Look them up here!

Arizona Road Trip

With Great Vacation travel package, take her on a grand adventure in Arizona! A state rich with raw natural beauty, urban polish, and everything in between, Arizona is the perfect place to have a road trip you'll never forget. This trip provides overnight stays in Phoenix, Grand Canyon Village, Page, and Flagstaff (choose the 8-night option to add Sedona!). Additional features are: roundtrip economy class airfare to Phoenix (PHX), automatic rental car for the duration of your trip (Pick up and drop off PHX) and others. Find out more!

Sif Jakobs Jewellery

Eternalize your feelings of affinity, friendship and love with a unique piece of jewelry. Choose between meaningful symbols, personal notes, letters or numbers to make it one of a kind. Pick one from any of the following pieces below; Ring Capri Due, Ring Ferrara - 18K , Ring Novara Quadrato, Ring Corte Grande and Ring Novara Quadrato-18K. Find out more!

AirSense World’s Smallest Air Monitor And Ionic Purifier

Get her an iBaby AirSense, a smart indoor air monitor that tracks harmful chemicals and works to remove them. It also monitors temperature and humidity to keep your environment fresh and comfortable, in order to keep you and your loved ones happy and healthy. Additional features are: it detects and removes allergens and harmful toxins, monitors temperature and humidity, plays music via Wi-Fi and no filter cleaning or replacement. Find out more!

Virgin Experience Gifts

Will you both travel anytime soon to the gorgeous state of lovers, Virginia. Virgin Experience Gifts is currently offering exciting packages as you travel in Virginia. The packages include lower gauley river whitewater rafting, NASCAR Ride Along - Richmond International Raceway, fly a WWII Biplane, wine education course to Golf Lesson with a PGA Pro - 1757 Golf Club and others. Sign in and find out more, you just might find the perfect experience.

Giraffe Inspired Storage Basket

This giraffe-inspired storage basket is the perfect way to store your kids' toys, clothes, or anything in need of a home. Made from high quality kraft paper, this adorable basket is also perfect for storing your favorite books or magazines. Shop this item.

Gift Baskets For Her

Wine Gifts Baskets are the perfect gift for wine lovers! You'll be the talk of the town with Coastal Ridge, wine, eight pieces of farm fresh fruit, cheese, crackers, and gourmet goodies. At Capalbosonline you will find an array of gorgeous gift baskets below are: White Wine & Snax Gift Box, Talk Of The Town Fruit & Merlot Wine Gift Basket, White Wine, Cheese & Crackers Classic Collection Gift Box , Chardonnay & Gourmet Gift Box, Wine Duo & Charcuterie Gift Box, Triple Taste of Italy Wine & Gourmet Double Decker Gift Box, Opus One & Truffles Wine Gift Box and Capalbo's Ultimate Five Box Snack Tower Gift Set. Find out more and place your orders now.

Bone China British Tea/Coffee Set

What a great way to enjoy the perfect cup of tea/coffee with family and friends. These Bone China British Tea Sets are offered in either pink or blue. Each set includes a teapot, a milk jug, and the perfect container for your sugar. Enjoy the six teacups and matching saucers every time you pour out the perfect Earl Grey. The set includes 1 teapot, 1 milk jug, 1 sugar jug, 6 cups, 6 saucers, 6 spoons. Offered in pink or blue. Package list: 1 tea set, in choice of color. Find out more!

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