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"Turmeric." - Original Artwork by DIANA ROIG

Original Created: 2017

Subjects: Abstract Materials: Canvas Styles: Abstract Abstract Expressionism Expressionism Mediums: Oil

Artwork Artist: DIANA ROIG

Painting: Oil on canvas

Original: One-of-a-kind Artwork

Size: 82.7 W x 78.7 H x 0.6 D in Inches

Frame: Not Framed

Description by the artist: This painting is stretched on a high end aluminium frame.

It's a big painting, made in November 2017 after my trip to the jungle of Peru.

I started researching natural dyes and how the yellow is accomplished by the use of turmeric. This work is inspired by the turmeric and painted with Old Holland oil paint.."

A short bio about the artist, Diana Roig "Born in 1982 Mar del PLata, Argentina. Lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Diana Roig has her work taken into the permanent Museum Collection of The Vincent van Gogh Huis, The Dutch Embassy in Rome and into several private art collections around the world. She continues to show her work internationally and has won the Public's choice Award at the Dutch Royal Palace Award for the best modern painting in 2017 for young painters under the age of 35 in The Netherlands.

‘The mind is like a richly woven tapestry in which the colors are distilled from experiences of the senses, and the design drawn from the convolutions of the intellect.’ (Carson McCullers, American writer, 1917-1967.)

My collective work is a study of the transformative nature within the process of painting.

Nurtured and driven by personal experiences, altered states of consciousness and an urge to communicate by the act of painting.

Translated into abstraction, color and form.."

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