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"TURBULENCE" - Original Artwork by Deborah Kruger

Original Created: 2018

Subjects: Abstract Materials: Other, Plastic Styles: Abstract Mediums: Fiber, Plastic

Artwork Artist: Deborah Kruger

Painting: Fiber on Other

Original: One-of-a-kind Artwork

Size: 100.5 W x 64 H x 1 D in Inches

Frame: Not Framed

Description by the artist: "The title of this abstract piece has a double meaning. We associate turbulence with disturbances to flight and this piece refers specifically to the turbulence we have caused to our declining bird populations as a result of unchecked consumption and habitat fragmentation. This monochromatic piece is created largely with golds, orange and red feathers, whose dramatic swirls echo the flight patterns of birds. I make the feathers from recycled plastic bags screen printed with images of endangered birds and overprinted with text in endangered languages such as Yiddish, Shorthand, numerous indigenous languages and excerpts of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring in English and Spanish. My hope is that viewers will be intrigued by the size and materiality of my large format pieces and unusual choice of recycled materials that from a distance, appear to be fabric. I also hope that they also become curious about the content of the work."

A short bio about the artist, Deborah Kruger "Abstraction with a Voice. My feathered textile paintings, sculptures, and installations all use materiality and textility to address extinction and climate change. The complex, process-driven recycled plastic feathers embed a narrative addressing the unquenchable global consumerism impacting migration, birds and endangered languages. The silk-screened feathers are loaded with images of endangered birds and text in endangered languages, both of which are in steep decline. Pattern and decoration make the work visually compelling while quietly presenting my ecological and cultural concerns. I maintain a team-based production studio in the in the lakeside village of Chapala, Mexico and also a studio in the vibrant art community of Durham, NC."

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