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Best Gift Ideas For Women, Men & Gender Neutral

Updated: Feb 25

Quite often the gift you thought was ideal doesn't seem to go over well. When a gift is opened, we love it when the recipient says, "Awesome." Giving someone a gift they genuinely value simply feels good. You're in luck if you're looking for unique gifts that are good for both people and the environment.

And also, as we enter the month of February, Valentine's Day around the corner, gift giving sometimes gives a lavish appeal, which is measured differently depending on who you're spoiling.

Everything on this list is available. We've done all of the legwork and explored numerous gifts to discover the finest gift ideas for men and women based on the most innovative and creative ideas. We put together a gift guide for everyone, from the person who just wants flowers to home décor, gift baskets, romantic nights out, and other items. We've just made your gift shopping much easier.

Le Clair Neuf Eternity Roses - Blush

This arrangement features 5 stunning Eternity Roses encased in a sleek, clear acrylic case that protects the roses while displaying their true beauty. A hidden storage drawer beneath a top layer of roses makes this arrangement of boxed roses as functional as it is gorgeous. An Eternity Rose is a luxury rose that can last more than a year with proper care. Approximatly-4.5" x 4.5", Weight-2 lb.

Ficus Bonsai Kokedama Bloomist

Native to Southwest Asia, this Ficus Bonsai is a member of the fig family and has a sprawling habit with beautiful Banyan tree style roots. The Ficus Bonsai is one of the most popular trees for indoor Bonsai because it’s virtually carefree and easy-to-grow for both beginners and Kokedama pros. A lovely gift meant for most plant lovers.

Valentines Day Flowers By Urbanstems

From left to right:

Anissa Kermiche Popotin Black Ceramic Vase

Anissa Kermiche’s contemporary fine pieces inspired the modern and successful, powerful women of our generation. The Popotin black ceramic vase features include: Hand-finished, black ceramic with a black matte glaze.

3D Marvel Hulk Fist Light

Are you a fan of the Hulk films or the Marvel collection in general? This Hulk Fist 3D Deco Light will look great up on your wall. Placed on top of a unique crack sticker making it appear like the Hulk has punched straight through your wall! Comes with an easy on/off switch and never gets hot due to the LED lights.

Gift Baskets For Him & Her

Gift baskets delivered with gourmet food, chocolate, fruit and some with wine. Send the best gifts from our large collection of popular gift baskets to your loved one. From left to right:

Liverpool FC Stadium Tour and Museum Entry for Two

It’s a Liverpool FC Stadium Tour for Two! Walk in the footsteps of Liverpool's greatest legends and see the club's illustrious history brought to life. Visitors will have the chance to go behind the scenes inside one of the world's most iconic and historic stadiums, during the interactive and immersive Liverpool FC Stadium Tour. Let the personable tour guides and multimedia handsets take you on a unique journey with highlights all brought to life by acclaimed writers and lifelong LFC fans, Dave Kirby and Nicky Allt and narration by actor, David Morrissey.

Hunting Crate

Mancrates writes "The Personalized Hunting Crate is the ultimate supply drop for every guy playing games with game on their home turf. It features a multi-purpose lightweight folding knife to a personalized, vacuum-insulated thermos, stormproof matches, and other gear to ensure he stays unseen and unscented."


Exclusive Harvey Nichol Gift Boxes

Harvey Nichols offers a collection of absolutely fabulous selection of luxury confectionery. This stylish gift boxes are a heavenly gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. Ranging from classic flavors like lemon sherbet and rhubarb and custard, to the innovative Dark Chocolate Mango & Passionfruit Nibbles and Salted Caramel Pecans, it’s guaranteed to deliver that unmistakable “kid in a sweet shop” delight. So, if you’re looking for the perfect present to delight the office, appease the children or tell someone that you are sweet on them, then look no further.

Fly an L-39 Jet Fighter

By, get your loved one to fly an L-39 Jet Fighter. According to the site, the fighter jet adventure begins in Longview Texas, just 90 mins East of DFW when you meet your pilot, a highly decorated veteran who gives you a fascinating history of the aircraft (it’s still in use today for military exercises). After learning about your aircraft you gear up in your flight suit and pony-up into the tandem cockpit. The adrenaline really starts pumping as your Fighter Jet takes off with incredible acceleration, this ain’t no commercial aircraft! Once you climb above cloud cover your co-pilot performs a few hair-raising maneuvers and then lets you take over the controls. You’ll learn several air combat tactics such as the split-s and loops. These are actual maneuvers from actual military training programs, everything on this Fighter Jet Ride is the real deal! (Note* No experience necessary)

Moby Whale Toilet Paper Dispenser

Toilet paper dispenser that holds two toilet rolls. Can also be used as a bag dispenser to reduce plastic waste by encouraging re-use. Each whale is made from 28 recycled PET bottles. Whales have no sense of smell so don’t worry about offending him. Detailed highlights: can be used as a toilet paper or plastic bag holder, holds 2 rolls of toilet paper, capacity approx. 4 liters. Can be attached to the wall with the included screws or suction cups (not included).

LA MER The Radiant Hydration Collection, Endless Transformation Set & The Revitalized Look Eye Collection

For both his & her. The journey begins with a hydrating splash of The Treatment Lotion for an energizing start. A source of strength, The Concentrate, sets skin on a path filled with the strengthening, soothing power of its barrier serum. The fast-absorbing Eye Concentrate transforms eyes for a brighter outlook. The road to up to 24-hour soothing hydration is filled with The Hydrating Infused Emulsion, La Mer’s weightless milky emulsion, and the legendary Crème de la Mer renews skin with moisture for the year ahead. From left to right .

Jay Strongwater Luxe Sabertoothed Tiger Skull

Jay Strongwater’s love of the elegant but vividly bejeweled object—whether it’s meant to rest on a tabletop or the graceful curve of a woman’s neck—has led him on a journey through the worlds of fashion and home furnishings. The Luxe Sabertoothed Tiger Skull highlights include: handcrafted sabertoothed tiger skull made of pewter and Swarovski crystals. Size- approximately. 9.5"L x 5.5"W.

Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter

WHITESHARK MIX is a revolutionary underwater scooter equipped with dual propellers. The small and integrated design makes it easy to be carried and operated. WHITESHARK MIX has advanced technology inside its sleek and symmetrical body. The dual propellers each create 8.8lbf (4kgf) of thrust and the scooter has a top speed of 3.35mph (5.4kmh) and will dive to depths of 131 feet(40m). It glides you through the water in a fun and exhilarating way. On the sleek body of MIX, there is a universal action camera mount to record everything under water in a first-person view. (Colors available are: White, Aqua Blue, Sky Blue)

Jigsaw Puzzles

Grab your chattiest friend (or maybe don’t) and go to town on puzzles. Brought to you by Blue Kazoo, these Jigsaw puzzles for adults are thoughtfully curated titles and piece sizes; specifically for adult puzzle hobbyists. Highlights include: hours (and hours) of fun to complete, sustainably sourced materials + plastic, 2MM puzzle board for a seamless fit, comes in a box that’s made to and premium posters included. From left to right:

Mele Luau General Admission in Coral Crater, Oahu

Take a +1 on a true Hawaiian feast. Book this Mele Luau General Admission in Coral Crater, Oahu. You can enjoy other fun activities from diving with sharks, kayaking off shore beaches, riding the Hawaiian water hoverboards. The luau show is a once in a lifetime to experience in a Hawaiian vacation. You will also enjoy complimentary drinks while watching a luau show from a general admission seat. You will be treated to the thrilling Mele Luau show, full of awe-inspiring Polynesian dances, Luau fire dancers, and a sweet love story that is sure to delight with their energy and humor.

iDream Eye Massager

The iDream Smart Eye Massager is designed to apply calming pressure and soothing heat to help alleviate the strain caused by excessive screen time and not enough sleep. And, unlike an actual (selfish) masseuse, it doesn’t need breaks or food. By encouraging blood circulation and blood vessel dilation, iDream can even help reduce dark circles, puffiness and dry eyes. It’s also got Bluetooth so you can have your own tunes delivered straight to your ears to help you relax.

Removable Adhesive Decals

Offered by Fathead, features include: thick, high-grade vinyl resists tears, rips & fading. Reusable design is safe for walls. Sticks to most smooth surfaces. From left to right:

Personalized LED heart lamp

A personalized LED heart lamp is a shining example of a thoughtful gift. With fully customizable text, you can dedicate this unique keepsake to whoever you like, from a friend or family member to the bride and groom to be. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Birthdays to remember you by.

Rocket Boom Bubble Gun

Spice up your outdoor party with the Rocket Boom Bubble Gun. This absolute weapon does not mess around with 60 holes shooting out hundreds of bubbles per minute. The fact that it comes with a shoulder strap tells you all you need to know about this bubble-shooting beast. The rocket launcher-style bubble gun is fully rechargeable so no need to worry about finding batteries when it’s out of juice. It’s the perfect accessory for kids parties, BBQs, or just a good old back garden caper.

Edible Arrangements

Our one-of-a-kind fresh fruit baskets, bouquets, arrangements & gourmet chocolate covered fruit gifts can be conveniently delivered nationwide. From left to right:

Heart Dish

This Beautiful hand carved Ammonite and Belemnite heart-shaped dish is from the Atlas Mountains in South Morocco. Ammonites and Belemnites are an extinct species of Orthoceras, an ancient relative to today's modern day Cephalopod otherwise known as squids or nautilus. They fossilize over a limestone bed, with an estimated age of about 40 million years from the Devonian period, approximately 400 million years ago.

Drive A British Scorpion Tank

Discover the rush of driving a fully-armored tank during this awesome British FV101 Scorpion Tank driving experience! Knowledgeable experience providers have been featured on CNN and ABC Nightline. This British Scorpion tank previously served in the British Army as an armored reconnaissance tank. So, take this fast and nimble Scorpion on a track created specifically for driving tanks with up to 3 friends.

Necklaces & Pendants

Pendants makes the perfect gift for mom, grandma, friends, lovers or that special someone. But do you want to get good quality pendants in sets? Then we found a site called Eve's Addiction that can help you with that. Below we put together sets you might want to consider. If they are not to your liking visit the site to find out more. From left to right:

Lladro Love II Sculpture

Figurine of a couple, bride and groom kissing each other with faces covered in glossy white porcelain flowers decorated by designers Clare Page and Harry Richardson. Lladró presents the third part of Re-Cyclos, an ongoing project in which renowned designers use already existing elements of Lladró creations to breathe life into new pieces. A lovely gift to share with someone special.

Advent of Love Jerky Calendar

Mancrates but together a month’s worth of ridiculously delicious, marinated meats! From originals like Classic Beef and Black Pepper to fiery favorites like Root Beer Habanero and Ghost Pepper, this advent calendar is stuffed with scandalously savory jerky bites, giving him twenty-five days of tantalizingly tasty, tender meat morsels. And he’ll think of you with every bite. Celebrate your relationship with appetizing affection and love him tender with the Advent of Love Jerky Calendar!

Spa Gift Baskets

Our spa gift baskets will make anyone feel like royalty in their own home. Send beautiful spa gifts delicately filled with scented soaps, soothing lotions and bath salts.

Porsche Engine

For current mechanics & future mechanic, a fully functioning replica of a Porsche engine would be a perfect gift. This intricate DIY kit is a 1:4 scale replica of the classic 1966 Porsche 911 flat six engine – what a beauty. A combination of 280 solid and transparent pieces will need to be screwed into place to get this motor up and running. Once completed, you get to enjoy a fully functioning Porsche engine with authentic Porsche sound effects. 3 x AA batteries are required to power this machine which will provide hours of educational fun, especially to mini mechanics!

Tangram Gemstone Game

Arrange the seven gemstones in this luxe puzzle into endless shapes and designs for a fun exercise in creativity for kids and adults alike. Perfect for on-the-go entertainment, the unique mix of gemstones is hand-carved and hand-selected by artisans in Peru and includes rhodonite, celestine, serpentine, jasper and soapstone.

Mechanical Moving Puzzle DIY Kits

Building these models will be great for handcrafted lovers. Serving as an excellent tool for developing metalworking skills and technical creativity. From left to right.

VEHO DX-3 USB Microscope

The DX-3 USB microscope is capable of up to 2000x magnification (digital) and Full HD 1080p video output is a leader in its class. Equally at home when used in the office or ready for use out 'in the field' thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery. The DX-3 is equipped with additional features including 2.4" TFT live view screen, microSD slot for storing video footage and photo stills, plus HDMI output. Ideal for industrial inspection, computer components inspection, scientific teaching tool, laboratory research, medical analysis, plant dissection/examination, jewelry inspection, printing inspection and more.

Zadro Ultra Large Luxury Towel Warmer

Always have warm towels ready by using the built-in timer to heat your towels for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes before automatically shutting off. Lid with handle. LED time indicators. LED hot surface caution indicator. Will warm two bath towels measuring approximately 40" x 70".

Gift Baskets By Capalbos

Beer Therapy Session

Discover a modern, urban oasis where you can enjoy beer-inspired spa services while sipping on your favorite craft beverage! Explore a unique twist on wellness with a private 90-minute session for 1 or 2Float in a cedar hydrotherapy tub infused with aromatic herbs, . hops, and barley. Experience a one-of-a-kind spa day with this innovative Beer Therapy Session!

Summit One Vanderbilt Experience-Evening Entry

Light up the night with an immersive and mind-bending art exhibit in the heart of Manhattan on this evening experience at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt! Get two tickets, and be transformed by this multisensory cultural event showcasing professional artists. The set up is of transparent glass enclosed skyboxes 1,070 feet over Madison Avenue. Finish off with exclusive food and cocktail while toasting a fantastic night in NYC!

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