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Best Gifts For Men This Holiday Season—And Beyond

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

There's the father who says he doesn't want anything. The people-pleasing hubby who claims to have everything and doesn't need any more gifts. The erratic boyfriend who changes his preferences as frequently as he changes his boxer shorts. And the irritating friend or cousin who always forgets to send you a wish list before the holidays. Men are incredibly tricky to shop for, but we have a solution: the best gifts for men this holiday season that they will genuinely enjoy and use.

We dare to assume that because you know the man in your life better than anyone else, you'll recognize the right gifts for him when you see them: a cool smart tech gadget, an exciting trip, an extraordinary whiskey Decatur, or even a last-minute surprise—you get the lamp. Whether he's an introvert, an extrovert, or an impossible-to-please relative, simply match one or two of the unique gift ideas for men below to his preferences. There's no need to overthink it.

Dragon Ball LED Lamp

With Dragon Ball Z Action Figures Goku Son Figurine lifting hands above his head, the lamp is burning like the stunt from Goku Son. It may attract many fans of Dragon Ball!

Batman Gaming Locker

Of all the awesome gadgets Bruce Wayne has in his arsenal, we’ve been told that this gaming locker is among the best for when he’s enjoying some much earned downtime from beating up criminals! Able to hold up to 10 of your favorite Xbox games, PS4 games or movies, this locker also features compartments to hold all of your essentials such as controllers, cables and more. Not to mention it’ll securely mount your headphones on the top. This is the perfect gaming accessory to keep all your games and accessories organized.

Adrenaline: Las Vegas Exotic Racing

Pure American muscle – that’s what the Corvette C8 is all about. Just under $299, feel the rush of the 505hp 6.2L V8 engine for five speed-fueled laps around an exclusive road course at Las Vegas Exotic Racing. 5 Laps in the Corvette C8 Z51.

Xtrm Xnrgy™ Cupping Set

XTRM™ XNRGY™ (2 XTRM, 4 XNRGY cups) – a groundbreaking multi-tasking patented cupping set that fuses cupping and acupressure therapy due to the added acupressure nods in the XTRM (blue) cups. Used for stationary and dynamic cupping to help increase circulation, reduce pain, improve mobility, flexibility and athletic performance via myofascial decompression. Helps break up fascial adhesions and improve the appearance of skin’s firmness and tone.

Leiph Self-Heating Teapot Set in Inkstone

The Leiph Teapot is a state-of-the art self-heating teapot system that can brew your tea directly in the ceramic vessel. When set on the OHOM Pad, the teapot will gradually heat up, brewing your tea gently and maintaining the perfect drinking temperature until the very last drop. Simple, elegant and convenient, the Leiph Teapot takes the hassle out of enjoying your favorite brewed tea beverages. Colors: Grey, Black, White

Around The World Beer Bucket

Perfect for anyone who enjoys a cold one, we’ve brought together beers from many different countries and artfully arranged them inside of our galvanized steel bucket. And since nothing goes with a tasty brew like good snacks, we carefully chose some of our most beloved gourmet foods to include, handcrafted popcorn, tasty nuts, beef jerky, beef garlic sausage, and more, creating a special gift that's impossible to not enjoy!

REATHLETE Air-C Leg/Foot Compression Heat Pad Massager Boots w/Controller

Don't put your fitness on hold because of sore muscles. Instead, the Reathlete Foot Massager Compression Heated Boot will get you back on your feet and feeling good. Make pain relief easy and relax from the comfort of your own home. With velcro straps and breathable materials, these heating pad boots can elevate your at-home foot and leg massages.

Variable Balans Ergonomic Kneeling Chair in Grey/natural Wood

The Variable Balans is a sophisticated kneeling chair that offers optimal comfort while gently switching between kneeling and a more traditional posture. The Variableʼs unique design and functionality make it an instantly recognizable icon. Specifications: The Variable Balans Kneeling Chair measures 29h × 20w × 20"d, box measurement: 4 x 15 x 15 inches, weight incl box: 15 pounds, chair Weight limit: 240lbs.

Gothic Dragon Door Knocker Cast Iron Finish

Visitors to your castle will need to confront their fears as they come face-to-face with this iron dragon head door knocker! This Medieval Gothic beast is fashioned in the ancient sand cast method that captures each sculptural detail, crafted in aged iron for maximum impact. 2 screw holes for hanging, hardware not included.

Cartoon Chicken-Inspired Wall Clock

Add a bit of adorable charm to your wall, with this chicken-inspired clock that has been designed with a sense of humor in mind. The clock is battery powered and will give you plenty of use, as it ticks along steadily. This clock is perfect for your farmhouse kitchen or your dining room. It’ll be ideal for your work office, too!

Booty of the Vine Wine Bottle Holder

Levitating Moon - Mars