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DDG-"Its Not Me Its You" Album: Famous, Love For Sale, Trynna Link, Hands On Me, Geekin & More

Last year, DDG released his highly acclaimed album, "It's Not Me It's You," along with a deluxe edition. This album offers a more personal and introspective side of the artist, featuring singles like "9 Lives" ft. Polo G and NLE Choppa, "If I Want You," "Love Myself" ft. Kevin Gates, and the popular track "Elon Musk" ft. Gunna. Critics praised the project for its honest portrayal of DDG's journey to stardom, providing an intimate glimpse into his family life and the challenges he has faced.

DDG breakout hit "Moonwalking in Calabasas" ft. Blueface reached double platinum status for selling over 2 million units. Furthermore, his collaboration with YoungBoy Never Broke Again, "Hood Melody," from the project "Die 4 Respect" with OG Parker, has been certified Gold.

Making waves in the music industry, he was recognized by Forbes as one of the top young talents in music and entertainment, solidifying his position as a forward-thinking culture influencer. Additionally, he made headlines with his appearances at prestigious fashion events like Milan and Paris Fashion Week, showcasing his style and taste.

DDG rolled with a series of impressive singles, such as "Way Too Petty," "HANDS UP!," "Forbes List," "Vegan," and "Maybach Curtains," all leading up to the release of his latest project, July 14, 2023, "Maybe It’s Me...."

Maybe It’s Me... tracklist: "Famous," "Love For Sale," "Trynna Link, Rambo," "Hands On Me," "Rizz," "Pioneer," "Hard On Myself," "I'm Geekin (Remix) (feat. NLE Choppa & BIA)", "I'm Geekin (feat. Luh Tyler)," "I'm Geekin" and "This Summer."

In his song "Famous," the rapper from Pontiac, Michigan expresses his insecurities regarding his relationship with his girlfriend, Halle Bailey. He openly admits that falling in love with a well-known woman was the most challenging experience for him. He reveals his feelings of jealousy when she was promoting her film, The Little Mermaid, and even confesses to having fleeting thoughts of sabotage. While many people would keep such secrets hidden, he chooses to follow the path of toxic vulnerability, similar to artists like Drake and Future. The underlying theme of DDG's album, Maybe It's Me, revolves around him embracing the role of the villain.

“I feel like my last project is basically, me going from playing the victim to me being the villain,” DDG told Uproxx the day of the EP’s release. “Accepting the role as a villain.”

“Hardest thing I did was fall in love with a famous b**ch,” DDG rapped. Also in the song, he expresses malaise with Bailey’s film amours saying, “You know I love you a lot. I don’t give a f**k if that s**t for promo, I don’t want to see this s**t no more.”

The verses flowed nicely, but the hook's melody was particularly fitting. It's definitely a catchy tune. The song as a whole brings to mind early 2000s Hip Hop that incorporated melody, but it also features the typical trap high hats in the beat. Personally, I appreciated the story being told in this song. It seems to depict the honeymoon phase of a relationship. Produced by SlickMadeThat, Don Mills & My Best Friend Jacob and written by DDG .

Chorus begins .....Fuck that nigga, why he do you wrong? / You is too pretty to be here alone / Baby, uh, I'm a boss and I can put you on / Show you, uh, show you somethin' you ain't seen before / Know you like designer, would you rock Chanel? / You got special taste and I can fuckin' tell / I be always winnin', I don't take no L's / If you feel like spendin', I got love for sale

UPROXX.....Nah, I wouldn’t say that vibe. I’d say I just got a few songs that are more specifically for performance. Then I got some songs that are more experimental, like the “Famous” song. It’s like a UK garage/hip-hop beat — a new sound that I was trying out. You got the slow joints, but the ones that were hyped are for performance

In "Trynna Link," he adopts a commercial-style flow, showcasing explicit verses and clever wordplay. The catchy chorus encourages the listener to keep things intriguing, emphasizing his array of choices. Directed by LewisYouNasty, the vibrant music video captures DDG's energetic performance as he seamlessly transitions between scenes in a grand mansion. Surrounded by stunning women, DDG throws an unforgettable pool party, embracing a life of extravagance and audacity.

The song "Trynna Link" by DDG delves into the artist's encounters and relationships with multiple women who express interest in being involved with him. The lyrics explore the themes of casual connections, sexual experiences, and the allure of a luxurious way of life.

In the pre-chorus and chorus sections, DDG conveys that he is pursued by numerous women. The repetition of the line "I got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight hoes tryna link" emphasizes the abundance of attention he receives from the opposite sex. In this context, the term "hoes" may refer to women who seek casual relationships or sexual encounters without emotional commitment.

Within the verses, DDG discusses various aspects of his interactions with these women. He mentions taking one of them shopping and purchasing a purse for her, showcasing his ability to provide material possessions in exchange for companionship. He also describes physical intimacy and sexual encounters, expressing satisfaction in both the act itself and the connection he shares with these women.

Throughout the song, DDG presents himself as a confident and desirable individual, highlighting his experiences with multiple women and his ability to satisfy them sexually. He is fully aware of his desirability and seemingly relishes the attention and lifestyle that accompany it.

Rambo is a commercial track that bears a striking resemblance to the music of the SoundCloud era. Despite the track's lackluster quality, the artist's impressive Don Toliver impression is worth noting.

The song, Hands On Me, hook is elevated by its melody and flow, which is catchy. While the beat may not be exceptional, the melody adds a layer of depth to the overall sound. It's possible that the artist learned a lot about melody from Halle, as it's evident in this song. The use of layered vocals is tasteful and not overly auto-tuned, which is appreciated. The hook may seem like typical rapper bravado, but t overall, the melody and flow are the standout elements of the song, even if the lyrics are not particularly noteworthy.

He expresses his dissatisfaction with fame on “Rizz,” yet without any genuine emotion or interest. While he doesn't require the same level of emotional depth , it would be appreciated if he ceased attempting to appear cool and instead sincerely acknowledge the challenges of being in a relationship that is constantly scrutinized by the media. The lyrics were not particularly interesting, that is to say similar to others, centering around topics from sex, women to money.

....UPROXX....I also want to also talk about the sound of the project because some of the songs like “Rizz” and “Rambo” sound like the early SoundCloud rap era. Is that what you were going for?
Nah, I wouldn’t say that vibe. I’d say I just got a few songs that are more specifically for performance. Then I got some songs that are more experimental, like the “Famous” song. It’s like a UK garage/hip-hop beat — a new sound that I was trying out. You got the slow joints, but the ones that were hyped are for performance.

In Pioneer, Initially, I was expecting a unique sound, but then the beats and auto tune kicked in. If you're a fan of rap music from 2010 onwards, you might enjoy this track. In my opinion, it seems like the artist is responding to his critics who are ignorant about him and are criticizing him for being broke, unemployed, and lacking independence.

Hard On Myself is a true embodiment of old-school vibes, devoid of any auto-tune and filled with raw, unfiltered bars without any catchy hooks. It undeniably channels the essence of J Cole and 90s Hip Hop. In this track, DDG fearlessly confronts accusations and falsehoods, showcasing a hint of vulnerability. Over the course of the song, propelled by a soulful and impactful beat, he delivers introspective verses about his journey in the music industry, his love life (or lack thereof), and the tumultuous experiences he has encountered in recent years.

...UPROXX...“Hard on Myself” is nice. What made you record a song like that? Do you have more songs like that?
I don’t. That’s the only song I made like that. That’s where I feel like I am seeing what people like. They like that intellectual, lyrical, slow melody vibe. I feel like since the wintertime coming up I need to get something out for that time. I’m just locking in on that sound.

The lyrics go like this .....Niggas say that I'm the G.O.A.T., to me, I'm regular folk / I'm humble, I know / Older women, they love me, they say I'm mature / Only twenty-five, but she can tell that my future secure / Younger women always indecisive, they always unsure / I'ma break your heart before we fuck up, your organs insured / Lie to me once, I never would treat you the same / If you fuck with me, then you gon' love it, your ex was a lame / Really introverted, but for money, I do entertain / Focus on the dollars and the passion, it came with the fame / Never needed help from anybody, I do it myself / Wanna be the biggest in this shit, so I'm hard on myself / All new friends got intentions, I'm trustin' myself / Not nobody else / Yeah

The lead single "I'm Geekin" has gained significant momentum since its release, positioning itself as a summer anthem. It has consistently ranked in the top 10 on TikTok music's US top tracks chart for several weeks. Moreover, the song has amassed an impressive 2 billion short-form video views, while also being streamed over 52 million times across various digital streaming platforms.

The artist provided insight into the meaning behind "I'm Geekin," revealing that it signifies being high on weed or feeling lit. Interestingly, he disclosed that he wrote the song while under the influence of marijuana. Additionally, he emphasizes that his success in the music industry goes beyond just rapping. He attributes his achievements to his wealth and the privilege of being able to solely focus on his music career, a luxury not afforded to everyone.

Furthermore, "I'm Geekin" has garnered positive reviews from esteemed publications such as XXL, BET, Uproxx, Hot New Hip Hop, Hip Hop DX, REVOLT, and more. VIBE even commends the artist's ability to maintain a cool and collected demeanor despite the provocative title of his new track. This juxtaposition highlights the artist's unique perspective, suggesting that perhaps others should take note of DDG's approach to life.

There are three iterations of the song "I'm Geekin" - one performed solo, another featuring LuhTyler, and a third with NLE Choppa and BIA. These three versions are consecutively included in a 12-track album. While the song is decent, boasting a polished instrumental by Earl on the Beat that was likely initially intended for Lil Yachty, it lacks the strength to warrant three different renditions. However, due to its modest popularity on TikTok, the decision was made to release three versions. This occurrence highlights the misconception that rap music shares the same easily accessible nature as vlogging and reaction videos.

The video for "This Summer" is brought to you by Ronnie Lewis Productions. It showcases the XXL Freshman alum and a companion enjoying themselves on a luxurious yacht, accompanied by stunning women. Additionally, he delivers a performance of the song in front of a sleek, all-black Lamborghini Urus.

The main character contemplates significant changes for the upcoming summer, such as relocating to either London or Miami and altering his phone number. He desires to exercise caution and be selective about the individuals he associates with. He discusses his aspiration to measure his achievements against those of Drake and aspire to become the reigning figure in the realm of rap.

Additionally, he mentions spending time with his close-knit group and indulging in recreational substances, as well as acquiring lavish automobiles. Despite his accomplishments, he experiences a sense of being treated dissimilarly by certain individuals who are solely interested in benefiting from their association with him.

Perhaps it is my perspective... but it seems that "Maybe It's Me..." does not value rap songs as artistic expressions. Instead, it views them solely as products that guarantee financial support from sponsors and advertisers. In this context, rap culture is reduced to a mere tool for brand growth.


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