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Cordae + Lil Wayne New Hit Single "Sinister"

Updated: May 20, 2022

Cordae teams up with Lil Wayne on this track "Sinister," a hit single from his second album, "From A Birds Eye View", released January 14, 2022. Directed by Edgar Esteves, this song pays tribute to the Black Panther Movement founded in October 1966 by two students Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale.

Written by Hit-Boy, Audio Anthem, Cordae & Lil Wayne and produced by Hit-Boy & Audio Anthem ; Cordae shared in an interview with Genius, "I pulled up on Hit-Boy at the studio; as soon as he played this beat, I started writing to it. I wrote like the hook and some of the first verse. The beat just gave me a sinister vibe—maybe, that was the name of the beat; I don’t even remember, honestly. It just gives that gritty, nasty-like, sinister-like vibe. […] Wayne told me [to] send him some' and he got me and I was letting time go pass. […] I was in the studio with my boy, Ian, and I was like, “You think Wayne would sound good on "Sinister”?"

In another interview with HYPEBEAST, Cordae admitted “Not to sound self-indulgent or anything, but I’ve just noticed a lot of growth in myself one, as a human being, and two, as an artist. In every format of music, I feel like I have gotten way better as an artist.” The young artist also previously touched on Hi-Level stating, “More than just a record label, it’s a way of life. We’ve got a couple of artists that we’re building right now. So my goal is to just build actual careers for these artists.”

Lyrics From Lyrics Roll

[Chorus: Cordae]

Yeah! Alright, My Flow Sinister

This Aingt Rap Music, This Straight Literature

Small-Minded N!gga, All Your Ideas Miniature

They Tend To Hate On Ya When They Can't Get Rid Of Ya

I Aingt Going Nowhere, Twenty Year Career Minimum

Call Hit-Boy For Beats, Ask For Ten Of Them

I Don't Follow Trends My N!gga, I Swing The Pendulum

If The B!tch Bad, Good D!ck, Sh!t I'm Gone Give Her Some

[Verse 1: Cordae]

Let's Reflect Times, I Try To Collect Minds

From Complex Rhymes And, By The Way, Shoutout Tech N9ne, Uhh!

Go And Shut The Fu*k Up, Just Let Me Talk, N!gga

(Shut The Fu*k Up)

I'm A Time Bomb That's Waiting To Go Off, N!gga

Quitе Nuclear, Amazing What Fame Could Do To Ya

Too Peculiar, Although I'm Truly A Rеnaissance Starter

My Mind Divine, This Sh!t Take Me A Lot Farther

Growing Up, Sh!t, I Really Had Beef With My Father

But Why Bother Explaining My Feelings?