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Original Abstract Painting by Luise Eru | Conceptual Art on Canvas | Children imitate their parents

Artist: Luise Eru

Original Created:2017

Subjects: Abstract

Materials: Canvas

Styles: Conceptual, Figurative, Fine Art, Modern, Abstract

Mediums: Digital

Painting: Digital on Canvas

Original: One-of-a-kind Artwork

Size: 41 W x 45 H x 1 D in

Packaging: Ships Rolled in a Tube

Description: This work is digitally produced, its physical appearance is on canvas, 100% cotton, with mineral pigmentation paint and anti-mold treatment, it has gallery and museum exhibition quality with a durability of 200 years. The quality of the production is guaranteed by a visual arts studio called Atmosphere where I produced works that have already been sold on the platform. To maintain the originality and exclusivity of the works that were sold, the digital files were excluded, thus ensuring that there will be no other print in the same quality that was sold and will not have the certificate of authenticity and signature of Luise Eru. The creation process goes through digital painting, digital collage, choosing characters that complement and emphasize the emotions of the aesthetic narrative I want to create. If you want to know more about my inspirations or why I do my work and a little bit of my history, it's all explained by me in the bio of the page. Buy art at Saatchi Art.

A short bio about artist: Written by Luise Eru, "Hi, I'm Luise Eru, an artist born January 25, 1998. My parents are simple, my mother is a seamstress and my father repairs washing machines. I was raised by my great-uncles on my father's side, both of them have passed away, I ended up being raised by them due to my mother's lack of financial resources. I have always lived and grown up in the neighborhood of Santa Cruz, in Belo Horizonte, I still live in the city of Belo Horizonte, sometimes I spend time at my mother's house and other times with my father.

I started exploring digital art in 2019, and it was a strong emotional discharge on my instagram profile, I created about three arts a day, all in the morning when I had the internship computer available, in the afternoon I worked with my mother as a seamstress and at night I went to college.

At the same time I had an episode of strong abuse of synthetic substances that led me to hospitalization in a hospital in Belo Horizonte. Because of great financial pressure, emotional despair, disillusionment with the job market and a college of Advertising and Propaganda that doesn't complete.

My work is emotion, creating something that transcends imagination. Having my culture crossed by cultural industrialization and how this interferes with my interpretation of signs according to their manifestation in objects and images in the perception of the cultural construction of large metropolises, observing how cultural metamorphosis takes place in large centers and what is my role in this new urban narrative. I develop an aesthetic narrative where my emotions and experiences are central, producing works that are pleasing to the eye in a way where I mix abstract and figurative, influenced by hip hop culture, pop culture, historical events, cinema and my everyday experience to create an abstract vision of the future. Criticizing the centralization of works in large cultural centers that ignore the subjectivity of black people."

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