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Mike Dimes - Newest Fleek "Texas Boy"

Updated: Jul 20

Michael C. Goode, aka Mike Dimes, came into the world-June 18, 2001 in San Antonio, TX to a family in the military. Throughout his youth, his family moved frequently to different parts of the Southeast and West regions of the United States. However, once his father finished serving in the military, the family eventually settled back in San Antonio, TX.

stevenwick_Mike Dimes
Mike Dimes

While growing up, Mike Dimes was involved in athletics but eventually turned his focus to writing poetry inspired by notable hip-hop artists such as 2Pac, 50 Cent, Andre 3000, Erykah Badu and many more. It wasn't until a friend he met in Spanish class, named Cinco (find out more here) listened to some of his poetry that he encouraged Mike to turn it into music lyrics for the first time. Then during lunch breaks he would partake in a free style rap battle with mate. Who ever won would get free lunch for that day.

Yeah, because I was always writing poetry. I was a big 2Pac fan, and 50 Cent. So when I first got introduced to them, I just loved writing poems. And then I quit basketball and I didn’t know what I was going to do. But we used to go around school and sometimes skip school to go to fast food spots and freestyle for free food. And then, I heard of A$AP Rocky and I started making my poetry into raps. And after that, I heard of Joey Bada$$ and I was like, “Oh, I could take this really seriously, and make this into a career.”

While studying business management at the University of Texas at San Antonio and working full time as a cashier, he saw progress in his career. May 8, 2021, he released his debut album DLOG, Double Lamb OG, which showcases his ability to rap confidently over different beats. The album consists of 10 tracks, including "Intro" (featuring FlexOnDaTrack), "Drive By," "Lonely," "My Story (Dlog)," "Interlude," "Labels Callin," "Hbk (featuring FlexOnDaTrack)," "Pain!," "My Story Pt.2," and "Toast / Outro". With millions of streams on Spotify and Apple Music every month, Mike Dimes is becoming an influential figure in the hip-hop world. While the sounds on DLOG may not appeal to everyone, Dimes' unwavering confidence and ability to switch up his flow keep the tracks on track. He has postponed college to dedicate himself entirely to his music.

‘DLOG’ is an abbreviation for Double Lamb OG. I’ve been going by that since like high school, it’s a name. I’m Mike Dimes and ‘DLOG’ is the alter.
Dlog is like Double Lamb OG it’s just a side name I got for myself, like my alternate name. I really don’t know how I came up with that name, but it sounded cold so I was like, yeah, that’s me. I just been running with it. After a year of time of me just going by double Lamb OG. I was like, I want to call the tape Dlog and that’s what it went to.

Upon its release, "My Story" garnered over 2.5 million streams and was featured in more than 420,000 sounds across TikTok. The artist continued to build on this success with the release of his debut project DLOG and his most recent album, In Dimes We Trust, which dropped in March 2022. With his numerous accomplishments, he has established himself as a promising and exciting new star in the rap scene.

When I get mad, my chain get pissed / When I get sad, my ears shed tears / Been in the game three years / It's takin' a while 'cause' I'm pure / I'm better than them, I'm sick, no cure / Bonafide niggas don't have no fear / Rick Ross, my pants make me look like a pear / Made two bands up in two minutes / ................I'ma just tell my story / This DLOG, no man above me / I wake up on bubbly / Niggas mad 'cause I get money / Leave my house, they tried to jump me / This no lie, this a true story / All I do is chase the glory / Me and fye like Rick and Morty /

‘My Story’ is my story. It’s me explaining in the most detail as I can while making it entertaining. Talking about how I’m a fly dude, and a lot of people don’t like me but it is what it is. I’m just telling a story, in the hook it’s like “Leave my house, they tried to jump me, this no lie, this a true story.” It’s me explaining it in a cool way.

"In Dimes We Trust", released March 8, 2022, comprises 12 gritty tracks that exude youthful confidence and swagger. Notable songs on the album include "Home", "Religion", "Jiggalo", "Paparazzi", "Backroom", "Luv," "Where the Party At?" ft. Duke Deuce, "No Trends", "Snow White", "Wiss", "Same Gang (ft. Zay3k)", and "Who Is Mike Dimes". Dimes showcases his keen ear for production, opting for hypnotic and multi-faceted beats that complement his naturally captivating flow.

The standout tracks like "Religion," "Where the Party At?," and "Home" set an energetic and high-octane tone that his younger fans are sure to love. Overall, the album delivers a lively party atmosphere.

In a recent sit-down (with Revolt), Mike delved a bit into his mindset when it comes to creating a moment with his music. “It was really just arrogance,” he confidently says. “My cockiness and arrogance was so in this because of my first project. It was very grimy, rough, like, ‘I’m trying to get there, but I already feel like I’m there.’ This one is just like, ‘Yeah, I’m trying to get there, but more people know me.’ So, I could really be flashy a little bit more and talk my, you know.”

That boy too exclusive / My exclusiveness make niggas act inclusive / Too impressive, boy

My music make niggas wanna quit music / I'm official, one thing 'bout me, my nigga, is that I'ma do it / Please don't start actin' stupid, we bringin' climax to conclusions......

This hip-hop album is impressive, with undeniable skills in flow, beats, and lyrics, resulting in a collection of enjoyable and lively tracks. However, there are a few weaker tracks that create gaps in the overall project. Despite not being particularly ambitious or innovative, the album still manages to hold its own and provide an entertaining listening experience that doesn't become tedious.

A lot of my fans were like frat party kids, college kids, and high school kids that love to party,” he tells Complex. “I wanted to bring the old school vibe, like you could turn up to music that’s not talking about violence all the time. You could just turn up to good music.

It’s taught me that the best music comes whenever you’re being very free and open. When you’re not stressing about it, it comes natural. The whole project came so naturally. “Backroom” was made in 10 minutes in my manager’s living room. “No Trends” was made in 20 minutes in my bedroom at my house. It also taught me to be like, “It’s OK to just lay back and relax and it’ll come to you.” The whole project naturally came as a whole masterpiece.

Mike Dimes' album had an impressive debut by ranking fifth on Spotify's top album chart in the United States, and tenth globally. His lead single "HOME" has gained over 24 million streams on its own and his music has also been featured on top rap playlists such as "Most Necessary" and "Rap Caviar" on Spotify. Additionally, he was recognized as Pigeons and Planes' Best New Artist for February 2022.

So, three of the songs were recorded in my house, in my bedroom. But other than that, the track “Luv,” that was my first time being in the room with the producer, making the beat. It was some of my team, and then we had two producers pull up. Then they played a part of this beat they made, and I said, “Delete everything besides this one sound.” Then it was flipped. I just said, “Keep flipping it. I want to hear guitars.” And then we just knocked out the song. That was my first time ever sitting down in the room with a producer and making a track. I like that experience.

I was a schoolboy just tryna get collard greens / Homie outside with Alicia Keys /

I make money from mics, they make money from fiends (Yeah) / Root of all evil, what got me them tickets at Regal / So fuck what's illegal / I'm different, I really ain't get a handout /

I know half of these rappers were gimmicks (On gang) / I write my own lyrics, I bought my own pen.....

Texas Boy, released June 16, 2023, with 14 tracks and solidifies Mike's position at the forefront of the next generation of hip-hop. The album showcases his unique presence through impeccable rapping, catchy hooks, and unforgettable punchlines. With short and fast-paced songs that boast loud bass, expertly crafted sample flips, and aggressive flows, the album starts with a more mellow track, "WHISKEY AND WEED", and slowly builds up to energetic bangers like "KARMA", "ARSENAL", "COUNTDOWN CITY" and "UNDEFEATED".

(Our Generation Music)(G): Looking at the track list, the album's fifth song is called "Countdown City" (named for San Antonio's area code 210). Thats gotta be one of the first song titles ever referencing San Antonio. What are you hoping to accomplish by uplifting your hometown in this way?
MD:"Showin" n***s that Texas is hard too. San Antonio's the second largest and most populated city in Texas (confirmed after fact-checking), and n***s act like we don't exist. They put Houston, Dallas and Austin before San Antonio and I don't understand why. N***s out here too. We deserve a chance too, we got our own sound."

Ноw уоu gоt аll thоѕе ѕtісkѕ, Uh, brісkѕ, uh / Еаtіn’ оn fеttuсіnе, ѕtер іn Rісkѕ / Ніttіn’ mу сіtу uр, І’m wеаrіn’ ѕіх / Тhіnk hе саn ѕіt wіth uѕ, І саll а blіtz.........................

.......Іf І rоll uр mу ѕlееvе, уоu wоuld thіnk І wаѕ рорріn’ / І dоn’t еvеn bе knоwіn’ whу уоu tаlkіn’ tо mе / І аіn’t tаlkіn’ fоr frее, whір іt uр, Веttу Сrосkеr / Тhеѕе rарреrѕ аіn’t ѕh!t, І wоn’t рut іn thе .. / І bе trірріn’ fоr сеntѕ, thеу bе trірріn’ fоr bорреrѕ /

In the track "ARSENAL" [ft. Denzel Curry] features horn sounds, breathy verses, who showcases his versatility, with a bass that hits so hard it can become scratchy or distorted, making it a perfect car jam. "UNDEFEATED" offers an unpredictable switch in its beat that's wild and mind-blowing, KISS N' TELL ft. Dro Kenji fails to disappoint while "FEELIN' ME" has a catchy hook over a solid beat.

He raps, "Found you, I was mad, left me, now I'm cold / The love stories getting old, the feelings getting known / Must be a villain's future origin story, my mind has been distorted / My life, you choosing for it / Your life, I'm rooting for it / Me time, I'm freezing for it, I'm blind / You see it for me, declined, I left you for it / You high, I'll catch you cause I fall for you / And when you rich and turn soft I'm going hard for you / And any time you feel scared, I stood tall for you / You ain't never gotta worry about no streams / Cause one thing that you should have learned from me, I do it all...."

In "ALL 4 YOU," Mike demonstrates his lyrical storytelling skills over lovely piano chords and a great sample. "HEAVY METAL" is definitely a banger with killer features from BigXthePlug and Maxo Kream, and "GREEN" ft. Wiz Khalifa and "HATCHBACK" have thumping bass lines with verbal fireworks and ominous synths. "STRETCH" has a unique rhythm in the first 30 seconds and the production is mostly fun and energetic, with some emotional moments. Overall, this album has cemented its place in my top albums of the year with its many enjoyable and fun moments that I can't seem to stop listening to.

In Heavy Metal, Mike raps, "Twenty-two, rockin' Moncler ...../ How he got rich from talkin' some shit to a mic? I swear Mike Dimes ain't fair / A double escort when I walk on the court while a broke-ass nigga still takin' the stairs / I like all my hoes in pairs and I like all my clothes to tear / That boy on Farrakhan, oh, his belt say Ferragamo / I cannot double the dribble, get on the beat and I sizzle / Why he still rockin' Givenchy? / Automatic stick in the all-black coupe, lil' nigga, this shit could get filthy / Disrespectful when I walk in the room and I raise my hand, who with me? / I don't trust him, he too iffy, ain't doin' shit for less than fifty....."

Written by Dimes, big time artists Wiz Khalifa and Hoodlum: Mike spites, "Clientele all on my phone / I went to Venice just to bone it and end up taking shawty home / I got b......s on my d#$#, won't leave me lone' / I keep it playing I ain't worried bout a hater they gon' talk too much / (What's up with that weed man) / I'm the biggest f......g gumpie in the tank, lil baby / You need a ticket just to get a up in the place, lil baby / I make a ticket every city in the states, lil baby / I'm the shit proly' how I got the stench but lately / I been on the road for the riches / Till I double all my expenses / I ain't never gon' fall of a pivot (Straight up) / But i'mma proly' be trippin' if I hear one more description / About a n#$%%^ having me and some lame in the same sentence, n....a / (What's up with that weed man) (F*&^& n....a) / Cause I ain't even like that boy / Probably couldn't even write with the boy / Be mean all night to the boy / Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum up this and change the height of the boys / Swear they don't know me, don't wanna meet the old me"

Hatchback rap lyrics, "Put the money in the middle (Middle) / Boy, I just solved a riddle for this pound cake (Haha) / Giggles, now I see n#$%^s fiddle all around mе (Straight up) / He little, my head was on a swivеl (Swivel) / He was pushin' a rental (A rental), ain't it coincidental? (On God) / He ain't really talkin' money, who he talkin' to? / Homie-hoppin' n*&^%$ need a p*&^%, they all some prostitutes (H*&-^%$ n*&^%$) / I can charge a band to get a glimpse of what I'm 'boutta do ('Boutta do, b*&^%) / Baby talkin' shit to every bitch 'bout what they oughta do (Pillow talk) / My n*&^%, I ain't trippin' off nothin', my name is topic discussion (Topic of discussion) / If I give them attention, they all would prolly start blushin' (Ha) / The p#$%^, power and hunnids, the only thing that I'm crushin' on (Crushin' on) / Bona fide, stood on everything that I stepped on, n*&^%...."

In Stretch, Mike Dimes blasts, "Get it my bag and I uh, hold up / Get it my bag and I double up / Roll me a ____ in the ____, how it rolled it up / In the strip club my bae the way we keep a pole on us / I get in my uh, we're twinnem my uh / We run up a uh, and f*&^% up the uh / I keep stacking the education in the kitchen / We make fractions of, b*&^% you think it's hot / Whippin' the packs for us .............[Chorus] .........Run up a check and they call me two hunnie buns / The house like bank and the same [?] a hunnid guns / She @#$%^&*( with gang cause we them Benjamin's / The house with a ____ and I sleep in the ____ / Best come correct, fucking this bitch and I ain't even ____ / I got me a bankroll, I ain't even stretch"

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