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Ben Abraham - War In Your Arms (Walk + Sing)

"War In Your Arms" is a deep melodious song by an Indonesian-Australian musician, lyricist Ben Abraham's. "War In Your Arms" is part of his forthcoming second studio album due in August via Atlantic Records.

Abraham's most recent release follows his major-label singles, "Satellite" and "Nobody Wants To Hear Songs Anymore" and "Like A Circle".

The nostalgic "War In Your Arms" soars from the ashes of great anguish. “It’s about that point when the relationship is done and you’re trying so hard to hold onto love, it almost becomes like an act of violence," Abraham clarifies the track in a press statement. "All you’re really doing is hurting yourself and hurting the other person, until you can gather the strength to say, ‘Enough. I’m done.’"

"War In Your Arms" was written by Gossling & Ben Abraham , published May 7, 2021.

His first album ‘Sirens’ was primarily a self-release, back in 2014, winning prevalent critical admiration and prominent to a 2016 rerelease through indie label- Secretly Canadian. Showcasing appearances from Gotye to Sara Bareilles, the collection was praised by the New York Times as “a debut of remarkable depth.”

Acoustic Version


Verse 1

Pushed by my silence

Watching you burn with a fire

I’m so tired of the struggle

Lover I’m gone cos you were never gonna change


It was war in your arms

I knew I had to walk away

It was war in your arms


And I could’ve been a fighter

Holding my fists a little tighter

Finding my breath saying “love you did me wrong”

And I could’ve been a soldier

So many things could’ve told ya

All of that time it was wasted on your love

Should’ve said I’ve had enough

Verse 2

Pulled by reliance

Keeping me when we’d expired

I was stuck in denial

But lover I’m gone cos you were never gonna change


It was