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       We here at the Steven Wick Blog are so proud of our work, we’d like to thank you for being a part of our community.

       However, our mission to share so much from music, literature, lifestyle to fashion is a 24/7 undertaking! We need your help to continue our work. Your financial donation will help us not only keep the lights on, but enable us run many more stories in the future to come.

As a blogging site, we completely rely on community support. None of our efforts would be possible without the help of donors. Please donate here.

Guidelines For Guest Posts

Blooger Outreach

First off, thank you for your interest in THESTEVENWICKBLOG! We welcome your guest posts on our blog.

If you are a talented writer and would like to share your posts with our audience, we’d love to hear from you.

Our team put together on this page general information guest post writing guidelines. A few rules to help with any inquiries you might have.

Guidelines for guest bloggers
  1. All editorials should be creative and innovative.

  2. We’d prefer comprehensive articles that offer readers with lots of value. Articles should be at minimum between 800-1,000 words long, depending on the topic. Be curt and consider total readability.

  3. Note: your post should echo the writing tone on our blog, which is casual, kind, modest, accessible and concise.

  4. Please, be aware, our audience is wide, primarily between ages 18-45 and English speakers. Many of our readers are already members or considering to become one.

  5. Note: your posts should target searchable keywords for better SEO.

  6. Feel free to include images that will help elucidate topics made in your posts. Images should be labelled. Please, have the rights to all submitted posts, images and include links to sources.

  7. Attach two to three line bio. Writers should include a link to their website or any social media handle they may choose. You can also include a headshot if you want to.

  8. Send all articles in Word or Google Doc, free of typos and grammatical errors.


 A word on links


There are no limits on the number of links you can include in your article. Ideally there should be a minimum of four. Notwithstanding, every link must be beneficial to the reader and contextually relevant.


After review, we can choose to remove any link that we believe may be  irrelevant to the topic.

We prefer that you do not include links to our competitors. 


The not-so-fine print


By submitting a guest post to the blog, we would like to own the content. Meaning, no reposting the submitted article to your own blog or any other publishing medium.


We welcome all high quality posts, notwithstanding, so also reserve the right to deny contributions at our preference.


We may also revise and adjust any guest posts to an acceptable tone. Or apprise certain posts in the future for correctness and fullness.


Finally, we also reserve the right to embrace calls-to-action, linking to any THESTEVENWICKBLOG.COM content, including but not limited to our blog downloadable content and articles.

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